Expected, Hidden, and Useful Features on Apple iPhone

Now, the users of iPhone are more and more increased. In fact, having this smartphone from Apple is a pride. It is well known with the features. As we know, it offers so many features to make the users more interested and excited. So, talking about the features of iPhone is always interesting. Apple always meets the need of the customers by applying new and interesting features every year. However, sometimes some people do not know the certain hidden features that are actually very useful.

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4 Features of Apple iPhone that People Always Want

As we know, Apple smartphone always gives new features to satisfy the buyers and users. Actually, every smartphone also does the same. However, maybe Apple is too smart to guess what people want so that the expected features are always found on this smartphone. At least, there are 4 features that are always wanted by smartphone users over the world. Here they are:

  1. Update of Operating System

As we know, most smartphones use Android operating system. It cause the update of Android OS seems too slow. Fortunately, Apple does not use Android OS. Their smartphones use iOS operating system where the iPhone will get the latest iOS operating system all at once after being introduced. It can be seen from various models of Apple smartphone include iPad. Anyway, it becomes one of the iPhone features that people always want. So, it becomes a good benefit compared to other smartphones.

With this OS update, the developer of applications of Apps Store will be easy to adjust the newest apps. On the other hand, the users will also feel pleased because the OS is not left behind compared to other smartphones. It is really different from Android users. So, you have to be proud if you belong to the users of iPhone.

  1. Easy Use of Interface

You can see that the interface of different types of iPhone is same. They do not only give the same interface but they also offer similarity on how to use it. Of course, it is very helpful for the users so that they can operate the new iPhone easily. It becomes what the users want. It is different from Android where the interface and control are different from one smartphone to another so that the users should learn it again. Anyway, you have to thank to this feature of Apple iPhone 8.

  1. Strong Security System

One of the things that make many smartphone users afraid is virus. Virus can cause various problems including software and hardware. Fortunately, Apple has very strong security system. Based on the report, 97 percent of malware and virus created by cyber are targeted to attack Android and only 0.7 percent is targeted to attack Apple smartphone. It is because the security system is too strong. Different from Android where Lollipop that is considered as the safest one can still be attacked by malware. So, you do not need to worry because Apple smartphone is much safer compared to other smartphones.

  1. Efficient Operating System

Based on the age, iOS and Android is only different about one year. However, if talking about the performance, iOS is much better than Android. You can see that Apple smartphone with 2 GB RAM has the same performance compared to Android with 4GB RAM. It shows that iOS operating system is RAM-friendly and really good. Because of that, many developers of smartphone apps prefer the apps for iOS than Android. It makes the iOS more enjoyable compared to Android where the users should wait for the same apps longer. Anyway, it becomes one of the benefits of iOS operating system used by Apple.

10 Hidden Features on Apple iPhone

Talking about feature, Apple is always farther ahead compared to other smartphones. There are many features that are sophisticated and interesting offered. However, still there are so many hidden features where people even the users do not know. If you are curious about those features, you can pay attention to the following explanations.

  1. Longer Passcode

To open the passcode, usually the users of iPhone use the combination of 4 numbers only. However, actually you can make it safer with longer passcode. To make the longer passcode, you need to follow these steps below. Firstly, you should go to Settings menu. After that, scroll down and choose “General”. Then, you should choose “Passcode Lock” and also turn off the “Simple Passcode” button. Then, you can change the previous passcode that uses 4 numbers with the longer passcode. Even more, you cannot only use numbers but also the combination between number and letters. Now, you do not need to worry with your device security.

  1. More Detailed Calendar

Do you often use calendar to write your daily schedule? Usually, you need to go to Calendar app and must tap on the certain date to see the detailed event. With iPhone smartphone, you do not need to do that. You just need to turn off the button of Portrait Orientation. After that, rotate the screen to the Landscape position. Now, you can see the more detailed calendar. To go back, you just need to return it to the previous position of Portrait. It is really simple, isn’t it?

  1. Camera Auto Focus Lock

One of the reasons why people buy Apple iPhone is because of the high quality camera. In fact, the camera offered is really amazing. Not only the resolution, but it is also interesting related to the feature where it applies AE/AF Lock. This feature is also found on DSLR camera. To activate this feature, firstly you need to open the camera app. After that, you must choose the object you want to capture. Then, tap the screen on that object to make it focus as usual and a small square will appear.

To lock the focus point on the object you choose, you just need to tap and hold on the desired object or the focus field until the small square becomes larger. Then, AE/AF Lock will appear. Now, even though you change the camera frame and move to right, left, up or down, the focus point will stay secured on that object. Therefore, the capturing result will be better. That is why Apple is really recommended for taking pictures. If you also love taking pictures, you have to know this hidden feature because many people still do not know about it.

  1. Clearing Digit on Calculator App

Calculator is one of the most basic apps on smartphone. Sometimes, you also need to use this calculator. There are many people who do not know how to clear the digit or number on calculator app. In fact, you can clear it by wiping your finger to the right or to the left based on your desire. It will erase the last digit that you have type. Even though simple, this is very useful. So, you must know this hidden feature.

  1. Create Your Own Emergency Call

Sometimes, saving Medical ID on your Apple smartphone is very useful and helpful. You can save the important medical information so that it will be available on once access or in emergency. With this Medical ID, you can use it for emergency call. So, you will get help as soon as possible in certain condition or situation.

  1. Switching Keyboard to Trackpad

The keyboard of your iPhone can also be used as a trackpad. Even more, you can also move the cursor more accurately and jump to some characters of text. In addition, it can be done without tapping the screen. Actually, this feature is also available on iPhone with 3D touch like iPhone 7 and iPhone 7. For iPad, this feature can be activated on any type. To activate this feature, you need to tap and hold the keyboard and wipe your finger to move the cursor through texts. Now, you can use this trackpad easily.

  1. Hiding Private Photos

Sometimes, you need to hide your private photos. Actually, there are many ways how to hide photos. You can use certain apps. However, Apple eases you to do that because they offer you all an interesting feature on their iPhones that allows you to hide certain photos. To do this, firstly you should open the photo or picture you want to hide. After that, tap “Share” and choose “Hide”. After the confirmation message appears, that photo does not appear on the display of Moments, Collections and Years. However, it can still be accessed through Albums.

  1. Finding Lost iPhone

If you fill Medical ID with your family or close friends, it allows you to call the contact included even when the screen is locked. So, when your iPhone is lost, anyone who finds it can call the contact in Medical ID. Besides that, you can also use Find My iPhone feature to track your lost device. However, you must activate it first. Go to “Settings” menu and choose “General”. After that, click “Apple ID” and then lastly choose “Cloud”. It is very useful isn’t it?

iPhone has so many interesting and useful features. Even more, there are many hidden features that every user should know. For more information about iPhone 8 please visit http://iphone8usermanual.com/

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